Emerging in late 2016, Ewan McAuley has certainly raised the bar for any aspiring musician. Ewan showed his worth as a musician when he produced his debut single, ‘Don’t Know (What to Do)’. A combination of delicate themes with hard-hitting instrumentals that creates a contrasting, yet oddly charming song. With all the dynamic qualities of rock legends like Placebo and The Smashing Pumpkins, this is an act you can’t afford to miss.

Even some of the best Alternative Rock songs have relied heavily on the emotional impact of the lyrics. Pure, unadulterated emotion. Something this song is far from lacking. It is relentless in its emotional attack with a climactic pre-chorus section and thought-provoking themes which highlight the destructive nature of isolation. The eerie mood set by the glockenspiel and subtle references to the shade add to this further, giving the whole piece a very eerie and ominous feel. However, the darker subtexts are balanced out by a skillfully crafted rhythm and not to mention, a chorus section that is likely to stick in your head for days.

And, with some time and focus, Ewan McAuley has the potential to redefine Alternative Rock, eradicating the ‘Paint-by-Numbers’ mentality many bands have.

Picture Credit – Ewan McAuley

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